Available Modules

Amphyon assesses a part geometry and generates an optimized build up direction of the part, taking individual and customization criteria into account. It furthermore simulates the additive manufacturing build up process for laser beam melting processes and generates STLs with compensated distortion.

Included within Amphyon are the following modules:

  • Examiner for CAD assessment and auto-orientation. Checks build time, material use, accessibility of surface regions, post processing effort and distortion sensitivity for all build-up orientations.
  • Mechanical Process Simulation automatically performs a fast calculation of residual stresses and distortions of your component on regular workstation hardware.
  • Predeformation for distortion compensation. Deform the CAD by simulation results for direct comparison with experiments and compensate distortions for near-net-shape manufacturing.
  • Support Optimization for creating optimized supports saving material and preventing build failures based on the mechanical process simulation.
  • Thermal Process Simulation predicts temperatures during the process and test thermal stability of build jobs.