Available Modules

CADdoctor Standard: CADdoctor is the ultimate desktop application for 3D data translation with check and healing capabilities for data quality. IGES import/export, STL export is included.

Geometry Simplification: Automatically simplify features such as fillets, chamfers, holes, and more for cost effective use in computer aided engineering (CAE)

Geometry Verification: Compare data before and after engineering changes to detect geometry, parameter and assembly structure changes

Mid-Surface: Automatically and semi-automatically create

Polygon Extension: Import STL (polygon) files, check and heal polygon data quality and also optimize polygons for CAE analysis

Reverse Engineering: Generate b-reps automatically from the data from 3D scanning

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

CAD Plug-In Adapters: Import and export computer aided design (CAD) data in your CAD interface with genuine API of each system

Batch Processing: Fully automate your translation and avoid the hassle of manual work

ASFALIS: A company-wide solution for translation and optimization of large volumes of data