Available Modules

CAE Handbook: Solutions of much greater complexity and with fewer simplifying assumptions than classical engineering handbooks can be incorporated into the CAE Handbook framework providing for the preservation and accumulation of institutional knowledge with increased reliability.

Cold Working Analysis: Cold Working Analysis Module.

Composites: Composites Module.

Fracture Mechanics Analysis: Fracture Mechanics Analysis Module.

Linear Elasticity Analysis: Linear Elasticity Analysis Module.

Linear Heat Transfer Analysis: Linear Heat Transfer Analysis Module.

Modal/Bucking Analysis: Modal/Bucking Analysis Module.

Nonlinear Analysis: Nonlinear Analysis Module.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

CAD Translators (Catia, IGS, ProE, Step): arasolid format can be used in APA version.

StressCheck Professional: A finite element analysis software (FEA) tool with a fully integrated pre- and post-processor.

StressCheck Toolbox: Including Single Fastener Analysis Tool (SFAT), Multi-Fastener Analysis Tool (MFAT) and Laminated Cutout Analysis Tool (LCAT).