Available Modules

Panels module: Preliminary analysis of rectangular or circular, with point, line or pressure loads, rib-stiffened sub-components

Beams module: Preliminary analysis of sub-components with T, I, U, box, tube, and angle sections in various configurations

Laminate module: CLT analysis for stiffness and strength, moisture, conduction, and fatigue

Joints module: Preliminary analysis of sub-components with bolted or bonded double-lap joints in tension

Flanges module: Preliminary analysis of sub-components with thick, curved beams

Materials Synthesiser module: Material property synthesis, stiffness, strength, and hygrothermal

PREDICT module: Crack propagation simulation

Parametric option for panels, beams, laminates, joints and flanges modules allows any output parameter to be assessed as a function of variation in any input parameter (e.g. failure ratio vs. rib height).

In addition to CoDA, Anaglyph also has included their Laminate Analysis Program (LAP) software through the APA.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Laminate Tools: Laminate Tools is a stand-alone Windows application which addresses the entire Design-Analysis-Check-Manufacture group process of structural design, focusing on the composite material features

PlyMatch: PlyMatch is an innovative technology for the shop floor, that integrates hardware with software, to assist in accurately and correctly placing plies during hand-layup manufacturing.