Southeastern Med

Southeastern Med Cuts Costs While Improving Healthcare Delivery

Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center

An acute healthcare center and community hospital, Southeastern Med serves more than 4,000 inpatients and 100,000 outpatients in the Cambridge, Ohio area each year. The center relies heavily on technology to keep up with growing patient needs.

Data from Expected – and Unexpected – Sources

As more information and new types of reports were being requested from the IT department, Southeastern Med knew its healthcare specific business intelligence solution couldn’t keep up. They needed a platform that could prepare and integrate real-time information with static historical data from a wide variety of sources. They also needed a way to make their vast stores of data more meaningful and actionable, as their current reporting was not aiding in the discovery of the types of insights their various units needed to take advantage of opportunities and head o. risks quickly.

Southeastern Med turned to next generation managed analytics technology from Altair to help track and report on hospital infections, improve physician performance, and identify trends in treatments.

A More Complete View of Patient, Provider, and Hospital Data

Through the Altair Managed Analytics Platform, Southeastern Med can now create and share powerful visualizations that draw upon data they hadn’t been able to access in the past. In place of static charts and graphs drawn from limited historical data, the technology provides an interactive, intuitive visual analysis environment that lets users quickly access and prepare any data from any source to identify patterns and outliers, get answers on the fly, and gain new insights in true real time.

What’s more, information previously locked in PDFs can now be accessed and analyzed to contribute to a more complete view of operational and health information, such as when and where infections occur.

Altair Delivers

The Altair Managed Analytics Platform is a quantum leap forward from the business intelligence tools typically used by healthcare providers. The ability to access unstructured data has allowed Southeastern Med to better track hospital-acquired infections, helping reduce incidence as well as costs.

The hospital’s endoscopy unit saves approximately 15 hours each week by no longer generating limited, manual reports on the procedures performed. Instead, the Altair platform allows users to create rich visualizations in minutes. Not only does this save time, it helps reveal unexpected outliers and trends that provide greater visibility into treatment administration.

The hospital also uses Altair dashboards to gauge physician performance. Altair enables hospital administrators to create scorecards and visualize costs and success rates associated with individual providers, as well as identify ways to improve best practices.
"The ability to quickly and easily visualize data will have a big impact on the quality of healthcare we can deliver as we develop more reporting and visualizations. Altair is also saving us money – we expect that the return on the technology investment will be realized in less than a month.”

– Clark Carpenter
Infrastructure Supervisor