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Analytics projects begin with data preparation. Often many sources of data will be used to solve for complex problems, including data from external sources. Raw data is rarely trustworthy or accurate to begin with, and needs to be transformed into reliable, trusted data. Altair data preparation seamlessly connects to different data sources and formats. Business users and data specialists can easily discover, access and transform data to be used for next-level decision making intuitive workflows. Automated tasks and pre-built data models make governed, collaborative data preparation effortless.

Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation

Fast, Automated Data Transformation

Seamlessly connect to disparate data sources. Efficiently and confidently transform data for effective use in decision making.

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Ease of Use

In data analytics, everything boils down to good data, and quality of the data. No code data preparation from Altair means people with many different skill sets can connect to many different data sources, and quickly cleanse, blend and transform difficult to use data into trusted and accurate data. A larger amount of people working with data means more insights can be discovered when solving for complex problems.


More than ever, large amounts of disparate data are being operationalized to solve for complex problems. To keep up with the demand, the automation of data transformation tasks and standardized report formats is essential. Altair allows organizations to work collaboratively, store and retrieve reports easier, and integrates with enterprise content management (ECM) and robotic processing automation (RPA) platforms.

Altairians Collaborating


Data in silos hampers decision making and generates inefficiencies as many people may be trying to solve for the same problem. Our collaborative data transformation and machine learning platform allows business and data analytics teams to work together using a secured, governed and centralized location. Sharing accurate and trusted data facilitates cross functional analysis, generates new use cases, and increases the diversity of work being accomplished while mitigating the potential lack of awareness of what is available.

Experience no-code, automated data transformation.

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Transform Difficult Data into Trusted and Accurate Datasets

An industry leader with over 30 years of experience in data discovery and transformation, Altair offers the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source. Simple to construct workflows that require no coding enable users to collaborate as they transform difficult data such as PDFs and text files into rows and columns. Whether data is on premises or in the cloud, Altair can automate preparation tasks for expedited results and deliver data you trust for smart business decision making.

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Enterprise Level Data Automation

Our desktop, server, and browser-based options allow employees to work collaboratively as they store, share, and retrieve reports and data models. Advanced data preparation and model building processes are seamlessly automated to remove complexity and errors. Our solution manages the storage, indexing, search and retrieval of core reports and text-based files through integration with common third party content management system providers.

Altair fits perfectly with RPA initiatives by automating repeatable data transformation processes with easy-to-create models that ensure standardized reporting formats.

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Democratize Decision Making

Altair’s innovative approach to analytics starts with data preparation that centralizes and governs curated and audited datasets. Manual or automated changes to data is logged to ensure that data remains trustworthy. True collaboration is realized as people with different skills and knowledge depth use the same accurate data to make decisions.

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Connect to and transform disparate data for use in predictive analytics and machine learning. Combine historical and real-time data to make well informed decisions from all of your data.

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