Data Visualization and Stream Processing

Altair offers a comprehensive suite of data visualization software suitable for enterprise deployment. Business users, engineers, and analysts can connect to virtually any data source and build data monitoring, analysis, and reporting applications without writing a single line of code.

Make Insightful Decisions Quickly

Delays in decision-making are costly. Waiting means you are likely to respond too late to take advantage of profitable opportunities and avoid threats.

Focus on Outliers

Data visualizations help decision-makers focus on the most relevant and important information without losing sight of the big picture.

Leverage All Data Sources

Altair visual analytics software includes native connectors for virtually any data source – from big data repositories and real-time streaming sources, to SQL and NoSQL databases, and flat files.

Enterprise-level Data Solutions

Altair offers a range of enterprise-class visualization products that can be deployed in the cloud (public or private) or on-premises. Deploy our software quickly — in days, not months — and invite new users to begin building their own customized dashboards and streaming analytics applications within a few hours.

Our stream processing engine connects directly to real-time streaming and historic time series data sources, including MQTT, Kafka, Solace, and many others. Users can build event processing applications that combine streaming data with historic data, calculate performance metrics using a wide variety of statistical and mathematical functions, aggregate, conflate, and compare data sets, and automatically highlight anomalies against user-defined thresholds.

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Optimize Your Operations

Use Altair® Panopticon™to extract real value from your data. Spot outliers, anomalies, trends, and clusters in seconds. Altair’s visual analytics tools are optimized to handle time-critical data, including data that may be changing with extreme rapidity. Filtering tools enable users to zoom in and out on the timeline, remove false positives from the screen, and focus on exceptions. Users can solve difficult problems quickly, understand complex relationships in seconds, and identify issues requiring further investigation with just a few clicks.

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