Altair Real-Time Data Visualization and Stream Processing Platform

Visualize real-time operational performance

Altair offers a comprehensive suite of event processing and data visualization tools optimized for real-time streams and time series data.
When milliseconds matter, Altair has the solution.

Real-Time Operational Visibility

Make Insightful Decisions Quickly

Delays in decision-making are costly. Waiting means you’re likely to respond too late to take advantage of profitable opportunities and avoid threats.

Focus on Outliers

Data visualizations help decision-makers focus on the most relevant and important information without losing sight of the big picture.

Give Business Users the Power to Build Their Own Dashboards

Analysts, engineers, and other decision-makers must be able to build their own real-time data monitoring and analysis applications without waiting for IT.

The right visualizations enable business users to understand causal relationships and develop informed responses to time-critical threats and opportunities.

Optimize Your Real-Time Operations

  • Monitor: Identify anomalies in massive amounts of streaming data quickly.

  • Investigate: Examine the events that led up to an anomaly with nanosecond granularity.

  • Backtest: Analyze how alternative responses will affect future operational performance.

  • Optimize: Update algorithms, alerts, and thresholds based on back-tested results.

Altair Streaming Analytics Platform

Altair gives business users and engineers the tools they need to build and deploy their own real-time data monitoring and analysis systems without writing a single line of code.

The platform consists of Panopticon Visual Analytics software, the only true real-time data visualization system on the market, and Panopticon Streams, a stream processing engine that enables users to program sophisticated business logic and data functions using a fully visual interface. The platform is built from the ground up for users – not the IT department. Rather than waiting months for expensively-produced custom applications, users can build and deploy their own systems in a few minutes.

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