Altair Digital Twin Platform

Optimizing product performance and life

Altair provides a complete, open and flexible platform for Digital Twins that are Physics-driven and/or Data-driven

Digital Twin Benefits

Optimize Product Performance

Develop better products, faster

Derive Operational Insight

Gain valuable visibility into the in-service life of the product

Extend Product Life

Know when and where to perform predictive maintenance

A Complete Solution

Develop optimized next-generation products by deriving valuable insight for continuous improvement

Operate optimized current-generation products by supporting rapid and well-informed decision making

Connect both by closing the loop and optimizing your product’s performance throughout its entire lifecycle


“Users will eventually hit upon the magic combination of data in and analyses out that yield a business benefit."

– Monica Schnitger, President and Principal Analyst
Schnitger Corporation

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Altair Digital Twin Platform Building Blocks