The global demand for energy continues to increase and the diversity of sources is growing. We are helping customers explore sustainable generation, achieve efficient distribution, maintain reliable power grids, and transform the market with Internet of Things (IoT). Whether in oil and gas, coal, renewable energy, nuclear power, or distribution, our customers use Altair to simulate everything from geomechanics to composite wind turbine blades and analyze structural safety to network loads.


Energy Generation

From conventional to renewable energy and large-scale power plants to in-house systems, see how energy generation simulation is driving design.

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Reliable in the Real World

Reliable in the Real World

Developing economies are undertaking more government-funded projects with a focus on rural electrification to meet the demands of increasing power access, urbanization, and rapid industrialization. Designing the efficient and sustainable energy generation equipment required is supported by Altair analysis and optimization. Ensuring reliability under real world conditions requires exploration of variables with trusted physics simulations.

A Clear Path to Sustainability

A Clear Path to Sustainability

Existing utilities are on a path to sustainability, working to replace and upgrade their existing infrastructure with an increasing focus on renewable energy. Altair's simulation and optimization technologies support this growing trend. Our core competencies include turbine vortex simulation and prediction, acoustic interpretation and assessment, wind farm siting, composite blade analysis and optimization, and transmission dynamics simulation and optimization.

A Smart Digital Transformation

A Smart Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of electricity uses IoT and smart grid technology to improve customer experiences and ensure safety and compliance. Altair provides real-time streaming analytics designed to handle energy industry requirements. Our technology supports the critical functions required to analyze and monitor the vast amounts of data generated in energy production and utilities applications.

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Optimize Energy Production and Distribution

Altair® Panopticon™ enables operators to process, monitor, analyze, and visualize the massive amounts of data streaming in from sensors and other devices in real time, so network loads can be distributed based on real-time feedback from the grid. It combines real-time streams with historical data, including time-series data stored in high-performance columnar databases, to make on-the-fly comparisons with previous activity and develop a comprehensive view of operations.

Increase Network Efficiency

Altair® Flux® is used by power engineers to design their networks from generation to consumer. The advanced electromagnetic, electric, and thermal simulation capabilities allow them to optimize the energy efficiency of power generation and energy storage systems. It provides valuable insights for all transmission and distribution components, including power transformers, cables, electric switchboards, switchgears, contactors, relays, sensors, and switches.

Ensure Reliability and Robustness with Multiphysics

Ensure Reliability and Robustness with Multiphysics

Altair’s structural simulation software portfolio offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools for simulation-driven design concepts, detailed virtual product validation, and everything in between. Altair solvers can be coupled to model the energy industry’s multiphysics problems. Our high-performance computing and cloud technologies ensure customers can keep up with the pace of today's innovation, and scale to support the biggest challenges.

How NOV Leverages SimSolid

Streamline Aerodynamics and Thermal

Altair CFD™ is a general-purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver which is popular with wind turbine companies. Applications include full blade and rotor performance, including blade flutter, rotor-tower interaction, and placement optimization. AcuSolve® avoids typical CFD pre-processing bottlenecks and enables engineers to focus on exploring their designs. Altair CFD's powerful solver technology provides you with the most robust solution in the CFD marketplace. Altair® Flow Simulator™ provides analysis essential to the gas turbine design process.

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A New & Revolutionary Way to Collect Energy from Wind

David Yáñez presents at the UK ATC 2019. Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish start-up that is developing a new wind energy technology. Its key characteristic is the minimization of mechanical elements that can be worn by friction. In the first stage, its application area seems to be distributed energy. For its development, CFD tools are being of vital importance. Both the fluid-structure interaction and the behavior of the magnetic fields in the alternator are being studied mainly with this type of tool. The results obtained are being contrasted with experimental results obtained both in wind tunnel and in real application environments.

A general vision of the technology, the strategies used for the integration of the different physical phenomena involved and the path traveled for its development will be exposed.

ATC Presentations

Altair SmartSight Turns Utility Operational Data into Valuable Information with Milsoft Visual Analytics

Milsoft Visual Analytics is a powerful business analytics module developed by Altair in partnership with Milsoft Utility Solutions. Through a direct integration of Altair’s SmartSight™ business intelligence software with the Milsoft database schema, this business analytics module provides a rich set of dynamic reports/dashboards which can be tailored to address the unique business needs of each utility.

Customer Stories

Altair PBS Professional™ at GE's Oil & Gas Business: Putting an Engineering Cluster to Work

Learn how GE uses Altair PBS Professional™ in this case study. “Altair looked at the configuration of our cluster and suggested a way to use our Gigabit Ethernet switch that would take greater advantage of our two internal networks. They did all the customizations we needed to run our jobs efficiently, and drew on their engineering expertise to make creative suggestions. They are problem solvers.”

Customer Stories

Decrease Mechanical Earth Modeling Time while Minimizing Project Risk in Oil and Gas Industry

Altair’s technical experts, Chayan Basak and Sebastián Larrazábal, along with Peter Connolly (President ConnollyGeo) discuss how semi-autonomous tools, Altair Geomechanics Director, can help you to build fast and accurate mechanical earth models, visualize standard results, perform geomechanics specific calculations, and provide efficient interpretation of the results. The presentation includes a demonstration of simulation technologies designed to enhance geomechanics engineering efficiency.

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