Available Modules

MapleSim: Main product

MapleSim Battery Library: The MapleSim Battery Library allows you to incorporate physics-based predictive models of battery cells into your multidomain system-level models.

MapleSim CAD Toolbox: Allows users to see how mechanical CAD models will behave as part of a larger, multidomain system, and apply MapleSim’s advanced analysis tools to improve the designs. This toolbox makes it easy to import CAD models into MapleSim, automatically capturing the kinematic and kinetic properties of the model components.

MapleSim Driveline Library: The MapleSim Driveline Library is a collection of components, transmission sub-assemblies, and complete powertrain examples that show the use of these components in driveline applications. Built with guidance from several transmission manufacturers, this MapleSim library allows you to mix the best of physical models and empirical data to maximize model fidelity, optimize your designs, and improve overall vehicle fuel-efficiency.

MapleSim Heat Transfer Library: The MapleSim Heat Transfer Library gives you a comprehensive view into the heat transfer effects present in your model, enabling you to refine your design to improve performance and avoid overheating. This component library is useful for any situation where heat generation is a concern, especially when there are moving boundaries between heat generating components, such as motors, batteries, printers, and manufacturing equipment.

MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library: The MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library allows you to easily create winch and pulley systems as part of your machine development. Using this add-on library to MapleSim, you can model the dynamics of rope and pulley systems, and view enhanced 3-D visualizations of your system’s performance. Use the Ropes and Pulleys Library to add fidelity to your machine models with ropes, chains, cables, pulleys, and more.

MapleSim Tire Library: With the MapleSim Tire Library, engineers can extend their high-fidelity, multi-domain MapleSim vehicle models with high-performance pneumatic tire components. The MapleSim Tire Library provides MapleSim users with industry standard tire force model components such as Fiala, Calspan, and Pacejka’s magic tire formula. In addition, linear tire models and user-defined tire models are available to provide flexibility for investigation and analysis.

In addition to MapleSim, Maple by Maplesoft is also included in the APA.

Please note that MapleSim needs Maple to run.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Control Design Toolbox: Control design tools that include the ability to create parameterized controllers though the symbolic approach, for greater flexibility, accuracy, and re-usability.

Specialized Add-On Component Libraries: Component libraries available for certain specialized domains such as advanced hydraulics modeling.

Connectivity Add-Ons: MapleSim can generate optimized C-code, and with an appropriate add-on, can generate models ready for use with target platforms: Simulink, FMI-compatible tools, LabVIEW/NI Veristand, dSPACE, VI-CarRealTime, B&R Automation Studio, FMI-complaint software. Can also import models from JMAG-RT.

MapleSim Server: Explore MapleSim simulation models from a web browser. Access models from computers and mobile devices using a standard web browser, no plug-ins required.