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Panopticon 17.5 Released

Deploy Streaming Analytics in the Cloud

With the 17.5 release, Panopticon supports cloud deployment on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Panopticon 17.5 is also fully compatible with containerized cloud implementations using Docker.


Version 17.5 of the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform is now available to all licensed users, who can access the release here:

Panopticon 17.5 incorporates important new functions that contribute to efficient customization, integration, and branding:

  • Support for OAuth2 single-sign-on integration
  • Dashboard designers can now introduce parameters inside the formulas controlling calculated columns. This enables designers to create per-row calculations that dashboard analysts can then adjust as needed by setting values for one or more the parameters.
  • Separation of global parameters by folder.
  • New Themes functions gives users and admins control over the graphical profiles of Panopticon workbooks. Users can apply a new Theme with a single click. Users can also alternate between a Light Theme and a Dark Theme with one click.

In addition, Panopticon 17.5 introduces a number of new features requested by our customers:

  • Security:  JAAS and TLS support is now available for customers using Kafka.
  • Monitoring: Rule-based alerting offers new sound notifications, in addition to email and visual screen alerts.  
  • Data Exploration: Two new aggregation methods enable Distinct Count and Unique Value Listing of text values in the dataset.
  • Visualization: The Box Plot has been enhanced with a custom percentiles function.

If you have requests for new features or feature enhancements, please contact us directly