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About PBSworks

Altair Knows HPC

We focus on the technology so you can work on what really matters — solving real engineering challenges. With over 30 years of industry leadership, Altair is your expert high-performance computing solution partner.

Optimization and Physics Workflows

Fast, Simple Access to HPC

Scientists, engineers, and researchers need a simple, powerful interface and the freedom to focus on core activities. Altair delivers easy and accessible data collaboration tools, remote visualization without big downloads, and the ability to submit and monitor jobs on remote clouds and clusters.

Give your researchers and engineers a single, easy portal to manage and monitor the work they’re doing with HPC tools.

Optimization and Physics Workflows

Industry-leading Workload Management

From physics simulation to scientific discovery and bleeding edge chip design, today's most innovative organizations use the Altair PBS Works management suite — including Altair® PBS Professional® — to schedule, tune and accelerate HPC workloads.


Powerful Resource Optimization Tools

Drive business value with powerful tools for HPC administration: maximize resource utilization, save on expensive software licenses, monitor, report, forecast, burst to the cloud, and more.


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