A Concept-to-Digital-Twin Product Development Demonstration

Presentation by Nic Minnaar, Application Engineer at Altair.

Simulation technology has been a powerful tool in the arsenal of product developers because the technology buffers designers from the consequences of the physical world. The designers have thus been enabled to virtually explore design concepts and then patch these concepts where they lack performance or exhibit shortfalls. Many product developers and operators are now also embracing the concept of consolidating the physical and virtual worlds in which their engineered products live after the design phases of the product life cycle are over. Perhaps like them, you have also bought into the idea of extracting additional value from your engineered products by exploiting digital twin technology but are unsure of exactly how this may be done. In this workshop, an inverted aero-pendulum will be used as the demonstration vessel for a concept-to-digital-twin product development process using the Altair software suite. It will be shown that most of the effort that it takes to develop the models that are used during the design phases can be fruitfully recycled once the product is actualized to unlock additional value during the service stage of a product’s life.

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