A Connected World and Connected Complexities

A Connected World and Connected Complexities

Connectivity despite anything is everything. That is one way to describe our current world situation.

Organisations that are better connected, and who rely on connected product and services have fared much better in the scenario than traditional businesses. While we still operate in a physical world where goods and services are produced, stored, transported, sold, deployed, operated – for daily use, or to create more goods and services - connectivity adds a new dimension to it. And a connected world also lends itself so much better for physical isolation – a favourable contradiction.

More importantly connectivity helps organisations build differentiation and create new vistas of revenue through introduction of innovative business models, allows better customer centricity, enables better monitoring and control, and provides an opportunity for market expansion in an overtly service economy. And what is central to all this? Internet of Things (IoT).

This guide is intended to help you answer the basic questions you must ask before starting your smart connected product development project.

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