Achieve Battery Thermal Management System Requirements using Altair CFD Solutions

The operating temperature of Li-ion batteries used in modern electric vehicles should be maintained within an allowable range to avoid thermal runaway and degradation. Poor thermal management affects the charging and discharging power, cycle life, cell balancing, capacity and fast charging capability of the battery pack. Hence, a thermal management system is needed in order to enhance the performance and to extend the life cycle of the battery pack. Altair’s comprehensive CFD solutions provides the complete thermal management using both 3D and 1D frameworks using Altair’s AcuSolve and GE FlowSimulator respectively. Detailed analysis of active and passive cooling methods and, the effective combination of both is in focus. The study and optimization of cooling module design strategy such as coolant type, direct contact or jacket cooling, serial or parallel cooling , module shape or dimensions, coolant flow rate combined with cell characteristics and driving cycles, etc are the key areas of work. The BTMS is of utmost importance to EV/HEV. The webinar focuses on the overview of Altair’s thermal solutions and how the software AcuSolve and FlowSimulator plays a very important role in providing all-round BTMS solution.

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