Altair HyperView™ – Design Sensitivity Analysis Utility

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Design Sensitivity Analysis Utility
• Design sensitivity represents a change in response with respect to a change in a design variable, which is typically used for optimization.
• Design sensitivity can also be used as a diagnostic tool to understand what components in the system (through associated properties referenced by design variables) have controlling influence on the response in question.
• Traditionally, design sensitivity can be cumbersome to request for frequency response analysis. It can only be requested as a part of an optimization run, where multiple design responses have to be created for each frequency response at each analysis frequency; objective function and constraints have to be defined and set in specific ways to force sensitivity output at all analysis frequencies for all design variables.
• In HyperGraph 2D, the Design Sensitivity Analysis utility allows you to plot and rank design sensitivity curves from an OptiStruct dsa.0.h3d file.

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