ATCx DEM 2020 - Modeling of the calendering process for lithium-ion batteries with DEM simulation

The development of novel active materials and compositions in lithium-ion battery electrodes is a main research focus due to the increasing demand for electric mobility. Calendering, as the final step in electrode production, is a critical process that significantly influences the mechanical and electrochemical properties of the electrode.

This presentation presents an approach using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) and Altair EDEM software to predict the influence of calendering on the electrode material, composition, thickness and the machine behavior. Additional investigations provide guidelines for optimizing the process. All in all, a deep understanding of how the calendering process effects the electrodes is presented and forms the basis for further investigations.

Presented as part of the virtual ATCx Discrete Element Method in November 2020.

Speaker: David Schreiner, Research Associate, Technical University of Munich
Duration: 24 minutes

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