ATCx DEM 2020 - Wear simulation using automated geometric deformation with the discrete element method

Tools used in soil cultivation are subject to heavy wear. Simulation methods, such as the Discrete Element Method (DEM), show a good suitability to analyze these processes. In materials science, many investigations of wear are based on the scratch test, in which a diamond tip is moved along a material surface and the volume removed provides information about the abrasion behavior. With the DEM it is possible to simulate this scratch test virtually.

During the simulation of the stress, no geometric deformation according to the expected wear takes place so far. For this purpose, a program has been developed which changes the geometry of the tool to be examined at defined intervals as a CAD model and returns it to the simulation. The interaction is automated, so that no manual adjustments are necessary and the wear process can be displayed in any detail.

Presented as part of the virtual ATCx Discrete Element Method in November 2020.

Speaker: Florian Schramm, M.Sc, Technical University of Braunschweig
Duration: 21 minutes

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