Automated Reporting Director for Structure Analysis at OHB System AG

Presentation by Mariana Mendes Leal, Structural Engineer at OHB Systems AG.

Even as engineers, a considerable amount of our time is spent producing reports. These can be FE-Model Descriptions, Sine Response Analysis or papers detailing investigations carried out internally.

For the FE-Model Descriptions, automation of some items can represent a major time saver, as well as reducing the chances of typos or mistakes being introduced, and Altair’s Automated Reporting Director does offer a solution to this. At OHB System AG, we had a chance of working with the Product Design team be introduced to this feature and custom OHB modules were developed. These modules proved to be major time-savers, for documents which can easily be over 100 pages with copious amounts of tables and associated images. The capability of generating document templates to be used across the company has also meant that a standardized approach can be taken.

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