Data Analytics, Manufacturing Operations, & Quality

The ever-changing worlds of manufacturing and data analytics are now converging—and this intersection will soon greatly influence process management and quality engineering.
Yet at all levels, quality professionals are grappling with the what and how of integrating data analytics.

Altair Data Analytics recently partnered with ASQ to bring you a forward-looking discussion on data analytics, featuring special guests Sony Pauly (Technical Director—Northeast) and Dr. Tom Zougas (VP Worldwide Data Analytics Services) from Altair.

Listen as they discuss the questions and definitions that matter:

  • What does “data analytics in quality and manufacturing” entail?

  • What is smart manufacturing, or Industry 4.0?

  • How will the shift from preventive to predictive impact quality professionals?

  • How does data analytics impact anomaly detection, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance, and warranty analytics?

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