Delivering Off-Road Mobility for the U.S. Soldier

In this presentation, Dr. David J. Gorsich - Chief Scientist, U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems, describes the GVSC’s current programs to deliver an operational model and insights into future terrain mobility models.

The ability of a ground force to maneuver has always been critical to determining success or defeat on the battlefield. On the future battlefield, mobility will remain essential with predictive intelligence central to mission completion. At present, mobility models are not terribly precise, as mobility depends on a large number of interdependent variables, like soil characteristics, moisture, temperature, vehicle characteristics, and with large amounts of uncertainty. The convergence of better ways to measure the key parameters either directly or remotely coupled with the increase in computational power and advanced vehicle design is bringing the promise of more accurate terrain and mobility models. Imagine a battlespace where we could accurately advise our forces where it is possible and not possible to maneuver, while the adversary does not have such an advantage.

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