Designing Construction & Mining Equipment with EDEM

In this webinar, learn more about EDEM software and how it can be used for the design, performance testing, and optimization of mining and construction equipment.

Dump trucks, excavators, loaders and dozers are all designed to handle bulk materials that can vary in shape and form, from large quarry rocks to cohesive soils or abrasive ores. These materials and their interaction with the machine parts have a strong effect on equipment performance.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), accurately simulates the behavior of rocks, soils, ores and gravel, etc. It provides engineers with crucial engineering insight into how materials will interact with their equipment during a range of operating conditions and enable them to use realistic loads in Finite Element Analysis and Multi-body Dynamics simulations for optimal designs.

Webinar Contents:
• Challenges of designing heavy equipment
• Introducing EDEM simulation technology: overview, material calibration, and CAE integration
• EDEM applications examples:
dump trucks, excavators, road graders, dozers, loaders, grabs and dragline buckets

55 minutes

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