Development of mm-Wave Automobile Pre-Collision System (PCS) Radar Testing Surrogates and Procedures

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Automotive radar operating in the 77 GHz band is primarily used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technologies. The effectiveness of AEB systems in detecting pedestrians and bicyclists cannot be objectively verified due to lack of standard test targets and protocols. The current test protocols are only for vehicle targets and pedestrians, with a plan to include protocols for bicyclist detection in the near future. The key elements of these standard AEB test protocols are the standard test targets, or surrogates that are able to produce similar sensor responses as real-life cars, pedestrians, and bicycles. This talk will discuss the electromagnetic design and performance of the vehicle, pedestrian, and bicyclist surrogates developed for evaluating 76-77GHz PCS radars, as well as the related test protocols.

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