Discover Altair CFD: Multiple CFD solutions under a single license

This webinar introduces Altair CFD and reveals how it can help organizations reduce software expense and deliver accurate results faster by providing all the major CFD technologies under a single license.

Whether you’re looking to optimize gearbox oiling, analyze tank sloshing, perform aerodynamics studies, or reduce cooling fan noise, Altair CFD provides the technology you need, as you need it – utilizing state-of-the art GPU calculations to reduce modeling turnaround times.

This webinar covers:
• The different CFD methods available with Altair CFD
• The range of fluids problems that can be solved with Altair CFD, including some unique applications and customer examples
• How Altair’s unique licensing system enables companies to reduce software expenditure
• How Altair’s flexible approach to Cloud and HPC helps deliver results faster
• What is next for Altair CFD?

James R. Scapa, Founder and CEO
Mahender Reddy, SVP CFD & Manufacturing
Uwe Schramm, CTO

Duration: 35 minutes

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