Driving Innovative E-Mobility Development - EVR Motors Develops New, Simulation-aided E-motor Topology

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The shift toward e-mobility is increasing pressure on the automotive industry as the world awaits more sustainable and affordable solutions. New players are entering the market with fresh ideas and groundbreaking technologies. EVR Motors Ltd. is one of these. The company designs and develops cost-effective radial flux Permanent Magnet (PM) electric machines for a range of power conversion applications. EVR, established in 2012, began developing patents for wind turbine generators. They then adjusted their roadmap to include e-mobility, and developed an innovative e-motor called TS – RFPM based on new, patented technology that provides superior power and torque density – all at lower production costs. When looking for a powerful and accurate electromagnetic and mechanical simulation tool, they chose the Altair simulation tools to simulate their motors before prototyping. Through simulation, EVR developed and tested its new patented motor, which is half the size than some of the industry’s best e-motors.

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