Efficient Placement of Acoustic Treatment for Electric Vehicle Lightweighting

The hybrid finite element analysis (Hybrid FEA) extends the applicability of finite element models to higher frequencies for vibration and noise simulations. The method has been validated in the past in several automotive applications. In this webinar, we will discuss the workflow of the Hybrid FEA which integrates Altair OptiStruct™ with the Energy Finite Element Analysis (EFEA) code of MES to perform the simulations. A case study will be presented where excitation typical of an electric vehicle motor is considered in frequency ranges above 200Hz. The Hybrid FEA is used for determining the optimal placement and selection of acoustic treatment. The simulations allow to balance the reduction in the interior noise level against the increase in the weight by strategically placing the treatment material on the vehicle body.

Presenter: Nick Vlahopoulos | CTO, Michigan Engineering Services (MES)

Featuring EFEA by MES, available through the Altair Partner Alliance

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