Electric Motor Design through Simulation Driven approach

This presentation is an overview of Rizel Automotive’s R&D journey towards developing an efficient and cost-effective Motor Platform with optimum characteristics for the automotive EV Space using Altair’s tools to solve electromagnetic, structural, NVH, and Thermal challenges and validate the Digital Designs and through Physical Testing.

All the way through the design process, Altair tools helped us in solving the complex problems which solve the core electric motor problems; like inductances calculation, cogging torque optimization, D axis conditioning, model analysis, transient thermal analysis which helped us in understanding and validating our analytical design and research.

With the help of Altair tools, we were able to implement and validate our novel ideas related to thermal design and come up with a unique motor architecture without compromising on electromagnetics. In this process, we have designed one of the lightest and compact radial flux motors in the industry.

Easy to use software from Altair, with a simple interface and automation tools; helped us to iterate, fine-tune our motors with high accuracy and a much quicker pace. And helped us to engineer a powerful yet silent and cooler but efficient motor.

From our recent dyno testing at ARAI, we were able to match the simulated data to dyno test results with a deviance of less than 5%, giving us great confidence in our Simulation Techniques and Altair’s tools, helping us decrease the Time to Enter the Market.

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