Enhance Aerospace Design Processes And Lower Development Costs with Altair SimSolid

During this webinar, we will showcase a game-changing design simulation technology for structural analysis that can augment and complement established design and PLM processes. Built from the ground up to handle large, complex models, Altair SimSolid provides fast and accurate simulation results - unmatched in the industry - to drive early and timely design decisions.

This robust technology, integrated in a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, empowers designers and design engineers with a validated tool to conduct rapid design studies via upfront structural simulation. This rapid design performance feedback helps organizations minimize costly and time-consuming design iterations and conduct fewer tests. It not only shortens the overall product development cycle but, importantly, also lowers the cost of design, all while helping improve structural performance targets.
Key Takeaways

- Understand how to reduce physical prototyping, thereby reducing costs
- Improve structural performance targets
- Discover rapid design studies

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