Expanding Life Sciences Research: Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics Broadens Research Workloads

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The Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics (WHG) is a leading research institute within the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford. With more than 400 researchers, the Centre is an international leader in genetics, genomics, statistics, and structural biology. WHG’s mission is to advance the understanding of genetically-related conditions through a broad range of multi-disciplinary research. To support its research community, the Centre operates a shared HPC cluster comprising more than 4,000 InfiniBand-connected, high-memory compute cores.

With continuing rapid growth and new types of workloads expected, WHG was reaching the limits of their previous open-source Grid Engine scheduler, plus there were no practical options for support or addressing software bugs and security vulnerabilities. After an internal evaluation process and consulting with their user communities, WHG selected Altair® Grid Engine® as the scheduler to power their HPC environment.

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