Heuristic Approach for High-quality Material Data

Today’s product development is very tough in terms of environmental, technological, and business requirements. To fulfill these tasks an efficient and reliable virtual development process is indispensable. In this context reliable CAE results are mandatory. This includes the entire simulation process using multidisciplinary physics, which requires trustable material properties for each discipline. The highest quality can only be achieved by having the necessary material properties of the used materials. For nonlinear properties, this can only be achieved by real tests of the used materials. Considering the manufacturing history within the entire process, which can be casting or injection molding- and/or forming process, which can have a huge influence on the behavior of the material during its use-case. ALTAIR has developed products to help our customers through the whole process. From raw-test data through CAE material parameter identification, validation simulation, and uploading of the read-to-use material information to the product development team using the Altair Material Modeler and Altair Material Data Center with its easy-to-use Material Information System.

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