Integrating Simulation and 3D Printing to Develop Patient Specific Medical Devices

This presentation is by Dr. Scott Hollister, Director of the Center for 3D Medical Fabrication at GA Tech.

Clinicians for many years have dreamed of the capability to tailor medical devices to individual patients, especially in orphan device markets like pediatrics. Until the last 5-10 years such dreams were unachievable. Recent developments in image-based design and 3D biomaterial printing have made patient specific devices possible. However, challenges still remain. Predominantly, a significant question is how to ensure quality control of such devices due to variation in patient anatomy, tissue properties and 3D printing manufacturing. In this talk, I will outline how simulation can be used within the FDA design control framework to gain insight into how patient variations (anatomy and tissue properties) may affect device performance. In addition, I will discuss the use of simulation within the design control process as an added step for quality assessment of patient specific devices. Finally, I will show how image-based, simulation and 3D biomaterial printing can be used to realize patient specific devices that have been used clinically in patients.

The recording is about 21 minutes long and was originally presented at the Altair Technology Conference 2020.

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