Lightweighting With Laminate Composites: Vibro-Acoustic Design Using AlphaCell

Laminate composites are often the answer to ever increasing lightweighting demands. While significant advances were made regarding mechanical strength, there remain a number of challenges regarding their vibro-acoustic properties. Composites are indeed lighter and stiffer, which as a result, tends to decrease their sound insulation properties at critical audible frequencies. One thus needs a thorough design of the structure to avoid acoustic comfort failure. During this webinar, a unique approach to predict the vibro-acoustic response of laminate composites will be presented. Supported by short computational times and high fidelity predictions, this new feature of AlphaCell enables to optimize the design at an early stage of the project. In addition to accurate predictions, this model further enables to reduce the computational cost in FE analyzes by providing material cards with condensed properties.

Presenter: François-Xavier Bécot | Director and Executive Co-Manager, Matelys

Featuring AlphaCell by Matelys, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

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