Meeting Job Scheduling Challenges for Organizations of All Sizes

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Every semiconductor design group uses some sort of job scheduler, whether it is selected by a corporate IT department or by the group itself. At a high level, the function of a job scheduler is simple: Be aware of what is in the queue and what hardware and software license resources are available and make good decisions about what jobs to schedule when. In practice there are a several subtle issues that are just as important, including job mix, prioritization, and ease of support.

While every company is unique, the issues surrounding job scheduling are often related to company size or, more accurately, the size of the compute farm and design teams.

Altair Accelerator™ is a high-throughput, enterprise-grade job scheduler designed to meet the complex demands of semiconductor design, EDA, and high-performance computing (HPC). It’s a highly adaptable solution capable of managing compute infrastructures from small, dedicated server farms to complex, distributed environments.

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