Optical Modeling of Medical and Biomedical Systems Using TracePro

The design of medical and biomedical systems can present unique and challenging obstacles. Factors such as scattering from tissue, high absorption, and low signal levels need to be addressed. Optical design and analysis programs such as TracePro feature tools such as bulk scattering and importance sampling that can help with this. TracePro allows the user to design, optimize, and verify the system in a virtual environment, decreasing development time and cost as well as reducing time to market. Designing with TracePro allows the user to try a large number of variations in a short amount of time and sometimes find solutions that may not have been considered initially. In this webinar we will look at several types of systems in TracePro including pulse oximetry and fluorescence microscopy.

Presenter: Dave Jacobsen, Sr. Application Engineer, Lambda Research Corporation

Featuring TracePro, available through the Altair Partner Alliance

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