Optimizing food processing operations with EDEM

In this webinar, we will discuss how Altair EDEM software can help the food manufacturing industry address a range of challenges.

EDEM accurately simulates the behavior of various foods such as grains, coffee beans, spices, fruits, or dairy powders and provides key insight into a range of operations and processes, including material handling and processing such as mixing, milling, drying, coating, and more.

By deploying EDEM software companies are able to ensure a high-quality end product, minimize damage and wastage, improve scale-up procedures, reduce operating costs, and drive product innovation.

Webinar contents:
• Background and industry challenges
• Introducing Altair EDEM
• Material handling applications: sorting, transport, feeding and storing
• Material processing applications:
granulation, mixing, extruding, coating

Duration: 37 minutes

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