OptiStruct – Key Performance Indicator Output

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OptiStruct – Key Performance Indicator Output

Product Version: OptiStruct 2018.0 or above

Topic Objective
Key performance indicator output in OptiStruct.

Topic Detail
KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
• OUTPUT,KPI or DISP(KPI) .kpi ascii file is output
• Currently supported for linear and nonlinear static analysis
• Max value for displacement/stress/strain/plastic strain based on groups by property
• Stresses and strains are supported for shells and solids

KPI output filtered for user specified property (Available with V 2019.1)
• KPI output is limited to the grids/elements within the output sets. Set of property could be used to request the KPI output only for a list of properties.

Analysis Page: Control card: OUTPUT: KPI

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