Panopticon Explainer: Introduction to Stream Processing

Altair Panopticon Streams is a sophisticated stream processing engine that leverages the agility, speed, and power of the Kafka Streams framework and Apache Kafka. Streams enables business users to design and deploy new data flows using a standard web browser. Simply point and click to draw the data flow. Subscribe to streaming data inputs, including Kafka topics, plus non-Kafka streaming sources like message buses, web sockets, CEP engines, ticker plants, and market data feeds. Retrieve historical data from tick databases, time series databases, SQL row stores, column stores, NoSQL, New SQL, and restful web services. Create alerts based on performance metrics against defined thresholds and output processed data to Kafka topics, to email, or write to databases like kdb+, InfluxDb, or any SQL database.

Streams supports key data operations, including:

- Join and Union data streams and tables
- Aggregate and conflate streams of data
- Perform calculations
- Filter and Branch streams

Panopticon Streams works beautifully with Panopticon Visual Analytics to create a flexible and highly capable streaming analytics platform.

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