Panopticon Explainer: Proactive Alerting

Altair Panopticon supports Proactive Alerting to highlight anomalies in your trading activity that require attention — and possibly require immediate action.

Select a variable, which can be an aggregated measure based on multiple data sources, and decide if you want the alert to go out when that variable goes above or below a certain threshold for a set period of time. You can program your alerts to go out when your data first breaches a threshold or when the breach is over. You can define alerts based on data from streaming data sources, including CEP engines and message queues like Solace, Kafka, ActiveMQ, StreamBase, and many others, and/or historical data stored in virtually any kind of database, including kdb+, OneTick, MemSQL, InfluxDB, Oracle, Hadoop, MongoDB, SAP HANA, DB2, and more.
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