Perform Accurate Finite Element Simulations of Polymer Components

An Introductory webinar to MCalibration® and PolyUMod® by PolymerFEM, now available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Enabling customers to perform more accurate finite element simulations of products made from rubbers, plastics, adhesives, and biomaterials, PolymerFEM is the latest company to join the Altair Partner Alliance.
Altair customers now have access to two incredible products from PolymerFEM, MCalibration and PolyUMod.

PolyUMod library contains general purpose material models for virtually all polymers, including thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, foams, filled plastics, and biomaterials. With the PolyUMod library engineers can perform very accurate Altair Radioss™ FE simulations without becoming an expert in material model software development.

MCalibration is a software tool to help select and calibrate advanced, nonlinear material models for FE simulation. MCalibration uses powerful nonlinear search algorithms to quickly find the best material parameters for experimental test data.

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