Prediction of Magnetic Field Emitted by Train Motor Cables

Presentation by Vincent Ardon, EMC Engineer at ALSTON Tarbes.

Due to the environment, more and more compact with signaling systems functioning from a few dozen of Hz to GHz close to train motors or traction cases, the prediction of magnetic field emitted by motor cables could help train designers early in the process and avoid EMC problems encountered at the end on the first train tests.

Magnetic field measurements are performed close to motor cables on a test bench with SiC power module generating high dV/dt (up to 11 kV/µs) and a 3-ph motor whose high frequency equivalent circuit (10 k-100 MHz) was established thanks to differential and common mode impedance measurements with Mirafzal method.

Several configurations are tested and modeled in Altair Feko: motor cables length (30 and 45 m), power module source signal (mono-pulse or PWM), and metallic environment (copper and iron plate above cables). Finally, results of comparisons between measurement and Feko simulations on the frequency range 1 k-10 MHz are presented.

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