SimSolid Hands-on Workshop: The Fastest Structural Simulation Tool!

Altair has been one of the leading providers of simulation tools since the company was established over 30 years ago. Since acquiring SimSolid, we have seen a paradigm shift in structural simulation with many of our customers. An easy learning curve, a simple yet robust process enables you to gain better fidelity in your design and time saving with Altair SimSolid.

Watch our SimSolid hands-on workshop recording, where we will cover why companies need to integrate this technology into their product development processes, what is behind this game-changing technology and how companies such as Renault, Whirlpool, and National Oilwell Varco have successfully adopted Altair Simsolid to help save time.

In this workshop we will cover:

- Fast model preparation, done in minutes.
- Analysis of complex parts and large assemblies.
- Quick results in seconds to minutes. Hence, multiple design scenarios can be quickly analyzed and compared.
- Elimination of Geometry Simplification and Meshing.

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