From math and scripting to multidisciplinary system simulation - Model-based development with Altair Compose® and Altair Activate®

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In this workshop, you will learn how Altair Compose and Altair Activate can be used to represent mechatronic systems using holistic functional simulation and will get insights in various case studies.

One tool for performing calculations and manipulating and visualizing data, including CAE and test results, is Altair Compose - an all-in-one environment that enables a wide range of mathematical operations. It also supports process automation and scripting for recurring calculations.

Using multidisciplinary system simulation, Altair Activate enables customers to understand the overall system behavior of their product earlier and evaluate important interactions between components and subsystems. The combination of signal-based and physical modeling forms the basis for end-to-end use throughout the development lifecycle - from early concept through detailed design to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

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