The Future of Design Exploration with AI-powered Design

Gaining insights into a product’s performances has never been easier. With the HyperWorks Design Explorer, users can easily set up and execute the design of experiments (DOE) and optimization studies, learning which attributes contribute the most to the different performances, review, plot, and compare results from multiple runs, and ultimately identify optimal designs. The quick and easy setup process is solver independent, yet fully integrated with Altair’s structural analysis solutions.

On the other hand, many design specifications are quantifiable and can be confirmed by physics but optimizing a design for subjective design requirements such as the look and feel of a product requires a different approach. This is when expertAI can help. It uses machine learning to enable you to include criteria that have traditionally been considered purely subjective or expert-driven in design optimization. The AI algorithms cluster your designs with respect to their subjective behaviors allowing them to be labeled to train a model aligned with your preferences.

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