The Importance of Software License Server Monitoring

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In electronic design automation (EDA) and other areas of computer-aided design (CAD) that utilize expensive software tools, centralization of license servers has become the norm. High software asset utilization is achieved by sharing a common pool of licenses with a large group of engineers, regardless of their locations. While this model provides many advantages over maintaining license servers at multiple locations, it also has risks.

License availability becomes even more important once all your software licenses serving multiple sites are centralized. A license server failure of any kind has the potential to impact the entire company, as license servers provide licenses to mission-critical applications. Downtime may cost millions in schedule slippage. Tools that monitor the server, CPU load, file system, license daemons, and individual license features become essential.

Altair Monitor™ is a a robust, enterprise-grade license monitoring solution that delivers a complete set of monitoring functions.

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