The Next Generation Data Scientist

Gartner recently released their  'Top 10 Data & Analytics Trends for 2020' where they stated that "the collision of data and analytics will increase interaction and collaboration between historically separate data and analytics roles. This impacts not only the technologies and capabilities provided, but also the people and processes that support and use them. The spectrum of roles will extend from traditional data and analytics to information explorer and citizen developer as examples".

With Forbes predicting that there will be a shortage of at least 250,000 data scientists in the US alone by 2024, how will our data-driven enterprises survive? Should we empower citizen data scientists and embody a data democratisation approach or is there a better way to optimise our data science teams?

Join us as we discuss  'The Next Generation Data Scientist’  with our expert panel.

Discussion Points:

What type of person is the Next Generation Data Scientist? How can organisations develop these highly prized people?

Can you explain one of the most advanced data science projects in your organisation and some of the stumbling blocks you have encountered along the way?

What do you see as the most pressing trend in data science? If you had to boil it down to one sentence, what is the most important thing organisations should do to stay ahead of the competition?

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