The role of Altair products in the development of innovative lightweight vehicle concepts

Conference at JEC 2021
DR.-ING. MARTIN PERTERER, Head of Simulation,

Some 10 years ago, virtual product development was a goal in nearly every part of industry, although in reality, the tools, methods and processes were only available for a small part of industry. Today these methods became reality due to the advancements the hardware and software tools and offer a high flexibility in applications throughout different applications. Especially multidisciplinary optimization methods offer the possibility to find solutions that not only address structural needs (e.g., lightweight), but also take into account other parameters such as costs, manufacturing efforts, etc. KTM E- Technologies will show different case studies where Altair Software is used to accelerate the development process, to reduce weight, to increase the functionality and to develop lightweight structures with a high level of integration. These case studies will cover not only structures for series motorcycles but also structures and components for new urban mobility concepts as well as On-road and Off-road racing.

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