The Tribus E-Bus Goes to Town - Altair SimSolid Powers Lighter and More Energy Efficient Electric Bus

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As a market leader in small-scale passenger transportation, the Tribus Group develops products for wheelchair-accessible passenger transportation ranging from foldable, ergonomic seats and easy-to-install wheelchair lifts to electric minibuses and low-floor buses. A recent innovation is its awarded Movitas electric city bus – an energy efficient, modular, and 100% electric city bus for public transportation and deliveries.

Tribus engineers were asked to optimize the entire bus within an existing design and dimensions to minimize energy consumption and extend driving range. Working with SimSolid greatly accelerated the process, with results that far exceeded their set targets. The optimization of the Movitas bus resulted in a total weight reduction of 1,900 kilograms, making it both more energy-efficient and comfortable.

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