Using FEA for train homologation - modeling bolted assemblies, composites parts, and topology optimization

In order to ensure the safety of passengers and on-board personnel, finite element calculation is used at SNCF as part of the acquisition, renovation / modernization projects of trains as a decision aid and preparation for testing approval of trains. This is the main case of the mechanical strength of bolted and screwed assemblies, and more and more of the integration of composite materials into rolling stock structures in order to make them more capacious and less energy intensive. To do this, SNCF is developing methodologies to make the modeling of bolted assemblies and composite parts more reliable, as well as topology optimization. The tools of the HyperWorks suite, and in particular, the OptiStruct solver, allow SNCF to represent its types of materials, as well as these phenomena (bolted assemblies + topology optimization).

Presented at the ATCx Heavy Equipment in May 2021.

Speakers: Patrick Jumin, Derik Joël Kengne Tapchom & Karim Slimani, SNCF

Duration: 20 minutes

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