Validating Virtual Proving Ground Loads

In the automotive industry, one of the biggest challenges is designing vehicles to withstand the variability in the duty cycle. To help speed up the design process and reduce cost, automotive OEMs are relying more and more on simulation.

This 25-minute webinar, will explain how one OEM is relying more on their virtual proving ground during the design process, to reduce the amount of physical prototyping and rely on simulations and their virtual proving ground to obtain the loads for durability. To achieve this requires the OEM to have confidence that their simulation model provides the correct loads for durability. The model validation result provides the confidence number when comparing the loads obtained from the simulation to the loads measured from the actual proving ground.

Presenter: Nicholas Gaul | Chief Technical Officer, RAMDO Solutions

Featuring RAMDO by RAMDO Solutions, available through the Altair Partner Alliance

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