View From Industry: Accelerating Design Decision Making with Altair HyperWorks

Modern aerospace gas turbine engines are some of the most complex and highly-integrated machines on the planet. With huge responsibility on the aviation industry to reach a carbon neutral position in the coming years the engineering challenge isn’t getting any easier. This presentation highlights the design challenges of the Rolls-Royce UltraFan® engine; a next generation gas turbine designed to introduce a step reduction in fuel burn, emissions, and noise.
Weight comes at a premium in aerospace, and this presentation explains on how Rolls-Royce have deployed the Altair HyperWorks toolset to enhance the structural efficiency of the UltraFan® engine, covering: rapid model and mesh creation; new insights from structural optimisation and robust design; integrated post-processing; and the resulting acceleration of the engineering design iteration cycle.

Presented at the 2nd Altair Academic Outreach Event in June 2021

Speaker: Ross Atherton, Future Projects Team Leader - Structural Systems, Rolls-Royce
Duration: 20 minutes

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